My name is Greg and his name is Simon. We are record producers from Montreal, Canada. One day Simon asked me if I wanted to go to Africa to help some friends build a recording studio. Little did we know what we were getting into...

Since then, we've decided that once a year, we would pick a country, board a plane, pack suitcases full of gear and record as many talanted artists as we could find. Follow us on our musical journey around the world.

“Just watched it, f**king amazing, bless you guys.”

-Al Schmitt

“This is so so so good.”

-Fab Dupont


In January 2019, we spent 3 weeks in Morocco, a country with a rich cultural heritage which colors it's vast musical diversity.

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Episode 1 Introduction

For a second time since Senegal, we've packed bags full of gear and headed to a corner of the earth that microphones seldom reach. This time, across Morocco, traveling all the way to the edge of the desert.

Episode 2 Rwina

We meet with the band Rwina in El Jadida's 16th century Medina, where have our first encounter with traditional Gnawa instruments which we record in an authentic Portuguese empire era building.

Episode 3 Mehdi Qamoum

After a bit of drama in Agadir, we set up to record Mehdi Qamoum, a progressive rock act with Gnawa influences, in a seminal artistic hub and musical incubator founded in the 80's: Jazzawiya.

Episode 4 Tarwa N-Tiniri

Riding the deadliest road in the world is worth it when at the other end you find one of the fastest growing bands in the desert blues scene. Watch Tarwa N-Tiniri nail an entire record, in just 2 days, on the outskirts of Ouarzazate.

Episode 5 Folklore Tamnougalt

Have you ever seen a 500 year old Kasbah? Ever recorded in one? In this episode we record a traditional regional folklore music ensemble in the mansion of a former Qaid and jam with Hicham in his off the grid reclaimed house.

Episode 6 The Creative Den

Allal Yamine has as close as you can get to a heart of gold and attracts likeminded artists to his "Creative Den", located just short of the doors of the Sahara desert, the actual end of the road: Mhamid.

Episode 7 (coming soon) A studio fit for a king

Flying over the Atlas mountain is the fastest way back home, but we're not quite done yet... We still have a lot more friends to visit including a tour of the king of Morocco's own recording studio!


In January 2018, we spent a month in Senegal to build a recording studio and record amazing musicians. This is where it all started.

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Episode 1 Introduction

What started out as a whim grew completely out of proportion! Where are we? Why are we there? You should get hooked on the first hit.

Episode 2 The studio

Studio acoustics is the most important aspect of recording. Treating a room on a budget is possible with a little ingenuity... Treating a room in Africa, however, requires a lot more!

Episode 3 Casavoice

Riding on top of a bus? Getting electrocuted? Recording in a living room? Why not... You don't need much to make a good record, and we'll try to show you why.

Episode 4 Black & White Production

Recording without electricity? No problem... Fabouli Diabate and his Kora are the star of this battery powered episode in Ziguinchor.

Episode 5 AsuKaTendeng Family

An old venue, a full band and a lot of energy! This is when we understood it's not all about the gear... A Bad snare and a repurposed bass amp will not stand in the way of talent.

Episode 6 Back to Sindian

Ha! So you though we just built that studio and left right? Of course not, we went back to Sindian to make the most out of our acoustical miracle! Except that one time we recorded outside...


In August 2019, we documented the birth of a song entirely composed and recorded in 3 days by 4 artists who had never met before. Made in collaboration with Musique Nomad. Featuring VILDÁ, Willows and Soleil Launière.

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Head on to our YouTube channel to watch live performances and bonus material related to our crazy adventures...

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The Artists

Domou Diambour
Era S
Fabouli Diabate
Young Drama
Serious Black
Esprit Mic
Asukatendeng Family
Lil Fams
Pox B
Chorale Mouride de Sindian
Sadio Cissokho

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